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The objectives for which the Procafé Foundation was created, and seeks to continue to this day, arose from the need to preserve and activate the former IBC's technological heritage, made up of a gene bank, laboratories, experimental farms and the technical staff (with all its experience of over 30-40 years) in the activities of research and dissemination of coffee technology.

In 1992, the phase of extinction of the IBC ended, with the distribution of assets and relocation of personnel to other Federal Government Institutions. In this process, it was fought for the Ministry of Agriculture to keep most of the real estate and human resources, previously linked to the coffee production sector of the former IBC. This was considered a natural path, as the technical staff consisted of Agronomist Engineers and Agricultural Technicians, therefore dedicated to agriculture.

The struggle continued within MAPA, now so that the technical staff, specialized in coffee growing, could continue to work in support of the sector. This was only possible through the creation of Procafé - Integrated Support Program for Coffee Technology, through an agreement signed between MAPA and the CNA-CNC institutions, whereby technicians were placed with Cooperatives and Coffee Growers Associations. This agreement, with an initial term of 5 years, was extended for the same period, from which good results were achieved, until MAPA promoted its Agronomist Engineers in Agricultural Tax.

With the reduction of the technical staff in the different coffee growing regions, a greater concentration of efforts was needed, aimed at research and dissemination of technology, leading to the creation of the Procafé Foundation in 2001, succeeding and improving the mechanism of the Procafé program, now with greater operations in Minas Gerais, especially in the south of Minas Gerais - the largest coffee producing region in the country.

Along the same lines as the original Procafé, the Foundation was created by bringing together Cooperatives, Unions and Coffee Growers' Associations, to assume the role of technological support for coffee production, based on the collection of the former IBC, first with the use of the Experimental Farm in Varginha and the facilities and laboratories connected to it, and, in continuity, with the addition of new experimental fields, through agreements or lending.

Boards and Directors

Board of Directors

- Chief Executive Officer : José Edgard Pinto Paiva

- Secretary Director : Osvaldo Henrique Paiva Ribeiro

- Financial Administrative Director : Renato José de Melo

Board of Trustees

President : Nilson Andrade, COOMAP President Director

- Marco Valério Araújo Brito, CEO of COCATREL

- José Marcos Rafael Magalhães, MINASUR President Director

- Sebastião da Costa Reis, CEO of CAPEBE

- Carlos Henrique Moreira Carvalho, CEO of COOPERRITA

- Arnaldo Bottrel Reis, President of the VARGINHA RURAL PRODUCER UNION

- Carlos Yoshiyuki Sato, CEO of COCAPEC

- João Emygdio Gonçalves, CEO of COOPAMA

- Ralph de Castro Junqueira, CEO of COCARIVE

- Nilton de Oliveira Reis, CEO of COOPERBOM

Fiscal Council

President:  Renato Rezende Paiva, Business Director of SICOOB CREDIVAR 


- Leonardo de Melo Brandão, CEO of COCCAMIG

- Carlos Tarcísio Navarro Vieira, CEO of CODEPAR




- Fernando Romeiro de Cerqueira, CEO of COOCAFÉ

- Eduardo Almeida Meirelles, CEO of COOPERVASS

- José Marcio Rocha, CEO of COOPERCAM

Access the Procafé Foundation Statute


Cooperatives and unions adhered to the Procafé Foundation, since its creation and after its creation.

Since its inception:

- Alto Rio Pardo Development Cooperative -  CODEPAR

- Good Hope Agricultural Cooperative -  CAPEBE

- Cooperativa Regional dos Cafeicultores do Vale do Rio Verde Ltda -  COCARIVE

- Cooperativa Mineira Agropecuária de Muzambinho Ltda

- Regional Agricultural Cooperative of Santa Rita do Sapucaí Ltda -  COOPERRITA

- Varginha Area Coffee Growers Cooperative -  MINASUL

- Cooperativa Agropecuária de Poço Fundo Ltda -  COOPFUNDO

- Regional Cooperative of Coffee Growers of Poços de Caldas -  CAFEPOÇOS

- Cooperativa Regional dos Cafeicultores de Guaxupé Ltda -  COOXUPÉ

- Coffee Growers' Cooperative of the Três Pontas Area -  COCATREL

- Cooperative of Cattle Farmers, Farmers and Coffee Growers of Minas Gerais -  COPACAFÉ

- Central Cooperative of Coffee Growers and Farmers of Minas Gerais Ltda-  COCCAMIG

- Union of Rural Producers of Varginha

- Rural Union of Três Pontas

- Union of Rural Producers of Poço


- Organization of Cooperatives of the State of Minas Gerais -  OCEMG  

After its creation:

- Cooperative of Coffee Growers of Campos Gerais and Campo do Meio -  COOPERCAM

- Regional Cooperative of Coffee Growers of São Sebastião do Paraíso -  COOPARAISO

- Mixed Agricultural Cooperative of Paraguaçu -  COOMAP

- Agricultural Cooperative of Vale do Sapucaí -  COPERVASS

- Cooperative of Coffee Growers of the Lajinha Region

- Cooperative of Coffee Growers of the Caratinga Region

- Rural Credit Cooperative of the South of Minas -  RIVERCRED

- Union of Rural Producers of Campestre

- Association of Rural Producers of Southern Minas -  ASSUL

-Cooperative of rural credit and small entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs of the region of varginha LTDA –  SICOOB CREDIVAR

- Cooperativa Agropecuária de Araxá -  CAPAL

- Mixed Cooperative of Rural Producers of Bom Sucesso -  COOPERBOM

- Andradas Regional Agricultural Cooperative -  CARA

- Cooperative of Coffee Growers and Farmers -  COCAPEC

Phones and emails

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