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Update Course

Technological Management of Coffee Crop

Stay on top of the latest coffee research results

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at all professionals, producers and students who seek to update their knowledge as well as access the latest technological advances in coffee farming.

Course Objective:

In this era of information speed, recent knowledge quickly becomes outdated, so constant updating becomes an essential element for the success of any activity.


The refresher course aims to disseminate the latest information on practices in the coffee culture, thus allowing constant progress in the field.


Each year, the subjects of greatest interest in the region are raised, which, during the course, will be taught by specialist technicians, with a time for questions from the participants after each presentation.


  • In definition, to be released shortly.


To be announced together with the schedule

Start forecast: October 2020

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Hours and duration

  • 16 hours;

  • Duration of 2 days;

  • There may be variation from year to year.

See how the last Update Course went:

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