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Fermentation Processes Course

Monitored at Arabica Coffee

Who is the course for?

Coffee growers and other professionals and/or students interested in
learn processes of monitored fermentations in arabica coffee
during the post-harvest process

Course Objective:

  • Many people interested in coffee culture ask themselves: “How can I learn about monitored coffee fermentation processes during post-harvest”? “Where can I take a course or who can advise, since there are few people trained for this purpose”? “After I take the course, will I be safe to run it on my property”?


  • In fact, it is difficult to find a course in which a principal will be able to leave qualified for this activity and this has a simple explanation: to acquire this expertise, it takes a long period of learning and it still varies from person to person, which can take from one to three years of constant practice in each harvest to learn, analyze, monitor and see what the best result was. There are few professionals in this area, and of the few existing courses, they last a few days and then there is no longer any follow-up of students for at least one harvest, August 2022, to clear up doubts, questions and exchange experiences between teacher x student after the course thus giving the student real security to walk alone after the end of the current season of the course.

  • In this sense, after realizing the interest of many beginners in not only having a brief notion, but knowledge, the Procafé Foundation together with the specialist Agronomist Lazaro Dornelas dos Santos Neto created this course in order to provide the opportunity to learn the noble art of producing specialty coffees with monitored fermentations.


  • Theories and practices on monitored fermentation processes in Arabica coffee

  • Tasting of specialty and fermented coffees

  • Monitoring via WHATSAPP


Enrollment: BRL 250.00

Only 30 spots - Secure your spot by registering as soon as possible

4 installments of BRL 440.83

Hours and duration

  • Duration: 4 months

  • Periodicity: Three face-to-face meetings with a total duration of 20 hours/class

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