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Classification and Coffee Tasting Course

In order to learn the noble art of sorting and tasting coffee? Don't miss this opportunity.

Who is the course for?

Coffee growers and other professionals and/or students interested in learning how to Classify and Taste Coffee and in acquiring a brief understanding of other areas of coffee production.


Although there are great classification and test courses on the market, the vast majority are of short duration, providing just a notion of this knowledge for beginners. 


In this sense, after realizing the interest of many beginners in not only having a brief notion, but knowledge, the Procafé Foundation created this course in order to provide the opportunity to learn the noble art of classification and tasting of coffees.

Course Objective:

Offer students not just a notion, but knowledge in the coffee classification and tasting activity, where students will have the opportunity to exercise weekly the practice necessary for the success of this learning.

Hours and duration

  • 96 hours

  • 12 month duration

  • Weekly meetings, with classes on Tuesdays, from 18:30h to 20:30h

  • Location: To be defined

  • COB Methodology (Official Brazilian Classification)

  • Coffee Market System

    • Main coffee exchanges in the world;

    • Trend analysis;

    • Main futures market tools.

  • Coffee Production and Crop Management

  • Special Coffee Tasting

    • SCAA cupping methods


Enrollment: BRL 300.00

Course with only 12 seats
Secure your spot by registering

12 installments of BRL 380.00

Start forecast: February 2023

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