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Success Cases – Vidigal Farm

  • Cultivar name: CATUCAÍ AMARELO 2SL

  • Coffee grower's statement: Catucaí 2sl and the other catucaí strains have been positively surprising us every day, because in addition to being tolerant to rust resistant, they also offer us Phoma/Ascochita and drought tolerance. Genetic materials that give us all these characteristics, in addition to good vigor, large fruits and great adaptability to mechanical harvesting, with good uniformity of maturation and easy detachment of the fruit from the plant, essential facts for decision making when renewing the crop.

  • Property name and location: Fazenda Vidigal, Vitória da Conquista-BA

  • Producer name: Gianno de Oliveira Brito

  • Spacing: 3.3 x 0.5 m

  • Productivity: High productivity, I have already achieved 155 scs/ha in a field with 10,000 plants/ha in a commercial area.

  • Altitude: 900m

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