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Success Cases – Santa Rita do Morro Grande Farm

  • Cultivar name: Arara e Catucai Amarelo 2 SL

  • A brief statement from the coffee grower regarding the cultivar:   “ The purpose of seeking out the research institution Fundação Procafé at the beginning of the implementation of my crops was to seek relevant information on the cultivars that best adapted to my technological level, altitude, soil conditions among other factors, preferably with disease resistance, productivity and longevity. After consulting with the researchers at Fazenda Experimental de Franca, we selected the cultivar Arara and Catucai Amarelo 2 SL for implantation. The two varieties show an excellent adaptation, with a vegetative development above the traditional varieties, they arrived in the first crop this year 2020 with 53.0 sc/ha to cultivate Arara and 49 sc/ha to cultivate Catucai 2 SL, demonstrating great projection of production for the 2021 crop "

  • Property name and location: Santa Rita do Morro Grande, Restinga SP, Alta Mogiana Paulista Region

  • Producer name: Enison Lopes Ferreira Filho

  • Spacing:  3.5 x 0.6

  • Productivity:  53.0 sc/ha for the Arara cultivar and 49 sc/ha for the Catucai 2 SL cultivar

  • Altitude: 850 to 900 mt

Catucai 2 SL 2
Arara 1.jpeg
Catucai 2 SL 2
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