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Training in Coffee Growing

Expand your knowledge of coffee production processes and optimize your results. 

Who is the course for?

A Capacitação em Cafeicultura this is a course for students who seek the best and most current conducts in all the production system and commercialization of coffee, allowing those who, through practical learning combined with applied technical knowledge, are able to confer efficiency and competitiveness to coffee farming in general.


In the training, students have the opportunity to experience all the processes of the production chain, from choosing the area for the formation of crops to the commercialization of the final product, thus obtaining a high level of technical knowledge whose result tends to a continuous progress. of the activity.

Course Objective:


  • Production Systems

  • Fertility and Nutrition

  • Formation of Seedlings and Implantation of Crops

  • New Cultivars

  • Coffee Pests and Diseases

  • Application Technology

  • Harvest and Post-harvest

  • Coffee tree pruning

  • Coffee Market

  • Technical assistance

Empower students to act decisively and efficiently, improving activities within the property, thus optimizing their resources and generating greater profitability.

Hours and duration

  • 96 hours

  • 12 month duration

  • There will be 12 meetings

  • Monthly meetings, with classes on Wednesdays, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.


Enrollment: BRL 350.00

12 installments of BRL 420.00

Start forecast: To be defined

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