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Postgraduate in Coffee

Find out how to increase your productivity and profitability. ​

Who is the course for?

The course de Post Graduation in Cafeicultura is for professionals, holders of higher education degrees, who wish to be inserted in the_cc315-7819 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_necessidades of modern coffee farming, in which it is not enough to have knowledge in specific areas, but in the activity as a whole.


Our students will leave with a high level of knowledge, having gone through all the areas involved in coffee growing, from choosing the area for the formation of crops to the commercialization of the final product.


Therefore, they will have a strong foundation for the day-to-day of their professional life, whether for research, technical department, commercial representation or for autonomous work, being all able to indicate and work with what is most efficient in the current coffee production.

Course Objective:

Promoting a strong technical and practical foundation, so that students are trained to act decisively and transforming modern coffee farming. Knowledge of new cultivars, increased productivity, process optimization, cost reduction and production of a quality final product, all these are skills that the course will provide students so that, in their daily professional lives, they can be researchers , technical consultants, commercial representatives or self-employed workers, are able to act and indicate what is most efficient in current coffee farming.

Hours and duration

  • 360 hours

  • 25 month duration

  • There will be 22 meetings and another 3 months for the preparation of the TCC

  • Monthly meetings, with classes on Fridays, from 1:30 pm to 9:30 pm, and on Saturdays, from 8 am to 12 pm.


  • Production Systems

  • Botany, Physiology and Development of New Cultivars

  • Formation of Seedlings and Implantation of Crops

  • Soil Fertility and Coffee Nutrition

  • Scientific methodology

  • Coffee Pests and Diseases

  • Harvest and Post-harvest

  • Coffee tree pruning

  • Coffee tree irrigation

  • Economic, Financial Management

  • Coffee Market

  • Special Topics in Coffee Growing

  • Completion of course work


Enrollment: BRL 350.00

22 installments of BRL 684.74 (gross amount)

22 installments of R$ 594.65 (the discount is conditioned to the advance payment until the deadline established by the institution, as informed in the ticket)

Start forecast: 2022

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