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Coffee Technological Gallery

Brazilian coffee production has evolved a lot over the last 50 years, since the renovation of coffee plantations was promoted, followed by the consolidation of new, more rational and productive crops.

In this process of improvement, the use of technologies played an important role, providing the basis for producers to achieve good results in their crops, with higher levels of productivity, lower production costs and better quality in the coffees produced.

The new technologies were developed and disseminated by a huge team, composed of technicians linked to public institutions, cooperatives and producer associations and other private companies, which have worked or are working in Research and Technical Assistance activities.

On the occasion of the 45 editions of the Brazilian Coffee Research Congress, Fundação Procafé paid tribute to a group of technicians who, in the past, dedicated their efforts in favor of coffee growing, and also to other technicians who continue to work with the same objective.

The Foundation is now reaffirming this valiant work of the Technicians, publishing most of this team on its website, in the form of a photo gallery. The tribute will be dynamic, foreseeing the future inclusion of new components.

Gallery of names and photos of Technicians

Note: We do not include the titles of technicians, such as Ms. and doctorate, due to the difficulty of obtaining them, of all.

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