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Field Days - Franca/SP

The technologies you can see

The main objective of the traditional Field Days of the Procafé Foundation, at Fazenda Experimental de Franca , is to demonstrate new technologies developed to rationalize the management of coffee plantations. It is an inviting meeting point where coffee growers, technicians, agronomists, researchers, consultants and students receive information through on-site technological demonstrations, thus being able to visualize the latest research results in practice.

Main goals:

Update on recommendation guidelines for coffee plantations

Practical visualization of plants in experimental plots in the areas of Genetics, Plant Health, Nutrition, Pruning, among others

Interaction between service providers and products in the agricultural segment with producers


Free registration at the event venue - Bring 1kg of food


May 11, 2022, start at 8:00 am

Be an exhibitor!

Get in touch with us to find out about all the possibilities for sponsorships and leasing of spaces for the assembly of stands that allow a good dissemination of your brand, products and services.

Croqui Franca - Fundação Procafé.jpg


- Viabilidade da Irrigação em cafezais na Região da Alta Mogiana

- Distribuição dos nutrientes, em profundidade, no solo em cafezais

- Culturas intercalares em cafezais

- Catucai APA, nova variedade de café para Região da Alta Mogiana

- Estações de campo da Basf, Ihara e Sipcam Nichino


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