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Franca Experimental Farm

about the farm

In 2013, Fundação Procafé signed an agreement with Fundação do Café da Alta Mogiana, with the support of COCAPEC (Cooperative of Coffee Growers and Farmers), giving rise to the Experimental Farm of Franca, initially with an area of 20 ha. . Aiming to increase the farm, a partnership was signed with the ESTADUAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL “Prof. Carmelino Corrêa Júnior” who made another 20 ha available. Currently, Fazenda Experimental de Franca, located 8 km from the city center, has a total area of 40 ha, of which 33 ha are made up of coffee plantations intended for experimentation.

Research in Development

Genetic improvement – 18 experiments are installed to select the cultivars most adapted to the conditions of Alta Mogiana.

Pests and diseases – there are 10 research works seeking more efficient solutions for the control of the main diseases and pests present in the coffee crop.

Ecology and physiology –  11 field trials, with the objective of evaluating new commercial products that may contribute to the reduction of physiological stress in coffee plants.

Nutrition – has 25 experiments, evaluating fertilizer formulations with different technologies, aiming at better use of nutrients by the coffee tree.

Irrigation – 1 experiments to help define the best water supplementation strategy under the conditions of the Region.

Crop treatments and crop management – 26 experiments evaluating different types of crop pruning, weed management, planting and crop formation, among others.

Total of 91  experiments in conduction

Farm Structure

  • Offices

  • Weather station and health warnings


  • RAINFALL: 1500 mm/year

  • HEIGHT:  1025 meters (average)


(35) 98852-7183

(35) 3214-1411

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 6 pm

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