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The book “Avanços na Cafeicultura Brasileira” addresses the entire evolution of coffee culture in the country, from 1960 to the present. The material talks about the conditions of the past, how the crops were, their productivity and the harvests.


It details the phases of eradication of coffee plantations, the work of renovation of the crops with the climatic zoning, the opening of new regions and, still, the actions to control the rust. It also presents the research mechanisms, technical assistance and credit used to stimulate producers. And, finally, it reaches the present day, exposing the technological advances incorporated in the crops and their reflexes in the evolution of the different coffee regions, with the consequent increase in productivity and Brazilian coffee crops.

The book was written by experienced technicians, who lived the day to day of this phase of transformation of our coffee production and, therefore, it constitutes a unique material and of extreme importance for those who are interested in knowing what happened in the past and what is currently happening in the national coffee industry.

It is, therefore, a valuable source of consultation for technicians, producers, students, teachers and others who want to know more about how and why Brazilian coffee production reached the level of world leader.
Get your copy now, it is worth knowing this fascinating story of hard work and achievements in favor of Brazilian coffee production.

Advances in Brazilian Coffee Growing

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