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The booklet “Modern mountain coffee farming” deals with all the practices for managing coffee plantations, with systems adapted to regions with sloping terrain, where mechanization is difficult and, therefore, with predominantly manual handling.


It shows the importance of this coffee crop, in terms of the crops produced and its fundamental role in regional development, in areas without many agricultural options, due to the rugged topography of the land.  It details soil and climate conditions and altitudes indicated in the cultivation of different species of coffee trees.


It presents the most rational recommendations for use by producers in the choice of spacing and varieties, in the preparation of the areas and in the phase of implantation of the coffee plantations. It ends by indicating the most appropriate treatments in the management of adult crops, such as weed control, fertilization, pruning, pest and disease control, and coffee harvesting and preparation.

The book was written by an experienced technician, who has always worked in mountain coffee growing regions, in the research and technological development sectors of this coffee culture, which, in its process of evolution and modernization, always needs to add new knowledge.


It is, therefore, a very useful material for technicians and producers interested in promoting improvements in mountain coffee plantations.

Get your copy, because you will surely enjoy a lot.


The Modern Mountain Coffee Growing Book

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