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The book Cultura de Café no Brasil – Manual of Recommendations is a publication, authored by technicians from Fundação Procafé and edited by her. This book has vast technological content, aimed at supporting the improvement of Brazilian coffee production. It represents the effort of continued work, of research and development, in the different sectors of the coffee culture, constituting an important base of knowledge in view of the rationalization of the coffee plantations in the country. In this work, Fundação Procafé spends its own resources, derived exclusively from its activities, without counting on government funds, to develop and disseminate new technologies for the benefit of coffee growers.

By scanning and distributing the book through information channels such as WhatsApp, as happened recently, the person responsible for this act commits an illicit, in the legal sphere, in the civil and criminal, ethical and moral spheres. For that it deserves our repudiation. It should be noted that this book is a property of the Procafé Foundation whose income from its sales is used to pay for its printing and, above all, in research works aimed at the progress of Brazilian coffee production. By scanning and passing on such material, in addition to committing a crime, the person fails to contribute and, furthermore, jeopardizes the development of an arduous work in favor of Brazilian coffee growers.

The content of the book is the property of the authors and the Foundation that edited the book, therefore, only they could disclose it, according to art. 28 of Law 9.610/98 (Copyright Law). Furthermore,  a piracy of content, ethically and morally reprehensible, in addition to being considered a crime by art. 184 of the Penal Code, it may even benefit some, but it harms the thousands who have been receiving the support of the Procafé Foundation, through its various activities, such as the development of new varieties and methods of cultivation of coffee plantations, the holding of courses, assistance and consultations , publishing publications, holding field days, conferences and all kinds of technical support work for coffee growing.

Finally, Fundação Procafé has the support of all those who value the development of Brazilian coffee production, not only in refusing the content of the scanned book, but also in denouncing those who pass it on by email br Appropriate legal measures are being and will continue to be taken.

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